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The 6 Best Places to Paddleboard in Torquay & Devon

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Paddleboarding is perhaps the most exciting way to enjoy the sea, and there are some fantastic locations to paddleboard in Devon. As a luxury Torquay self catering service, we know the area well. Whether you're a beginner or feeling adventurous, there are beaches for everyone. Here, we've compiled a short list of some of the best places to paddleboard in Devon.

Torre Abbey Sands

This is a lovely place to paddleboard, and the surrounding area offers a beautiful view across the water. Well-suited to paddleboarders of all experience levels, Torre Abbey Sands has an excellent selection of shops and restaurants in the local area, making it an excellent location for an afternoon out.

Livermead Sands

While you won't see much sand here during high tide, Livermead Sands is a great place to take out your paddleboard. It's secluded, peaceful and provides a good challenge for experienced paddleboarders, especially if you decide to venture out into deeper waters.

Meadfoot Beach

Another lovely location reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with the added bonus of being close to Torquay's best cafes and shops. It's worth visiting this beach for the views alone. If you feel like paddleboarding, the waters offer plenty of adventure without compromising safety.

Daddyhole Cove

This otherworldly location is best suited for the bravest and boldest paddleboarders. The sheer cliff at the back and the devilish caves below make it an intimidating location, but if you're a paddleboarder who likes it challenging, this place is worth a visit.

Paignton Sands

One of the most famous beaches in Devon, Paignton Sands is another fantastic location. The gentle, calm waters mean it's perfect for beginners. Once you've had your paddleboarding fill, you can also check out the numerous cafes, kiosks, and arcades in the local area. There are plenty of facilities here, making it an ideal place to take the family.

Mackerel Cove

Public facilities and cafes may be cool, but there's nothing like experiencing an untouched area of nature. Mackerel Cove's location might be remote, but that only means you get a truly private experience. Few people make it this far out, making it a great spot for those who like it quiet and serene.

So, there we have it—some of the best places to paddleboard in Torquay and Devon. With so many great spots and so many beautiful beaches, Devon has a lot to offer paddleboarding enthusiasts. Paddleboarding here is a fantastic way to unwind and spend time with friends or family, but we recommend checking out the tidal times before setting out on your journey!

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